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Welcome to Mr Passos. Here we talk about all things Life, Business & Fashion. Hope you have a nice stay!

Welcome To Mr Passos

Welcome To Mr Passos

From a freelance one man brand agency to an online platform for intentional conversation.

Welcome to the same Mr Passos just with a different intention. 


Ever had an itch to do something that you were too scared to start? You know, like start a new hobby or turn a passion project into a business. Well when I first decided to leave corporate and start my own thing I soon came to realize that it’s quite difficult trying to build a service based business alone. Especially in the creative sector. Naturally I overplanned, overdesigned and over thought most of what I’d soon come to know to be a simple business model that helps business build their brand. After partnering with a colleague of mine I decided to start ID8 where I build brands and design like a beast but I needed something different for Mr Passos. 

I decided to pivot my personal brand and it now takes on a new intention that was instilled in my hearts desire for a while. That intention being to practically inspire, motivate and serve people in their process to being better versions of themselves. What better way to start than by addressing the facets of life that effect all of us. Here are some of the conversations we’ll have on this platform.

Life Oh Life. 

A complicated notion simplified into bite size inspiration that promotes mental, physical and soulful wellbeing. Life doesn’t have to be that complicated and nor should speaking about it.

All About That Business.

From Start Ups to Empires we’ll explore lessons learnt and pathways to true successful influence. We’ll talk about work that won’t have your eyes rolling and dreaming for Friday afternoons.

Haazit Fashion. 

We explore how to style, simplify and step up your fashion game. This is also just an excuse for me to post really dope outfits and attach a narrative to it that would seem helpful in some way. 


It’s no small feat attempting to develop something you feel you need to give birth to. Where do you begin when your passion projects start turning into side hustles? Well, I’ve come up with a 3 step guide that might work for you - it certainly has helped me on my journey. The key is to be patient in its growth and to embrace the process.

A Guide To The Side Hustle

Step 1

Simplify What You Love

Choose something you love and that you’re good at. Where your tenacity meets your talent. Overcomplicating something that is meant to be a release for you will just add more stress to your life. 

Step 2

Just Do It

The real magic is in the execution. This will also test the validity of your side hustle and is the perfect testing ground to see if its something you really want to pursue. Start small and be kind to yourself - Google wasn’t built in a day.

Step 3

Plan The Future

At first it may be tight but thats why you have a main 9-5. In the longterm you want to make sure that your side hustle is going to be profitable otherwise you might as well start a charity - and even charities need to make money honey.