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So I’ve recently turned 26 and I really wasn’t looking forward to celebrating. Yes, I had one of those birthday gloom experiences of fearing the future as I age into the uncertainty of what’s next. I mean what happens after 25?! Seriously? *toils in millennial angst*

Anyways, being in a transitionary season in one’s life can be daunting. New job, new friends, new lifestyle had me feeling quite overwhelmed. Naturally, my mental state wasn’t in the greatest space so I decided to fight back with some affirmations that kept the depression and anxiety in check. I had to face my mental battle. 

When your biggest enemy is that of your own mind it’s clear that every day becomes one thunderstorm war of mental focus.

It is the battles not seen that are the most excruciating to deal with. The battle not fought in reality but in the realms of the internal. These battles are done in silence and often, if not all the time, done alone. They may start when you wake up or even in the midst of 5pm traffic. They may come when you are with particular people or even when you are left alone. They are triggered by different environments and they are fought the same way they manifest. 

They are fought by the power of your mind. 

These battles are those that affect our mental health. Battles of depression. Battles of anxiety. They are unrelenting in their pursuit to confuse and detach you from your focus. Studies show that your mind is a labyrinth of interconnected pathways. Each with its own purpose and each serving either the good of your being or contributing to the negative. We’ve heard about this. We know this. What we don’t know is that these pathways are changeable over time and it is within our power to change them. Our habits create our destiny and shape our perspective (key word when reflecting on your life over your birthday - perspective. Write that down) 

Part of creating positive habits is utilizing the power of spoken words. 

Yes, I’m speaking about mantras. The power that lies in you physically speaking affirmations over yourself and your life is undeniably effective. These have saved me time and time again when I’ve found myself in the darkest moments of my life. Speaking positively is not just another self help gimmick. This shit works guys. 

Here are my 26 affirmations that help me fight my mental battles. It took me 26 years to realize that my depression and anxiety will not be an overnight experience of healing but rather a journey of process I have to face everyday. Let me tell you something, I’m ready for it. 

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This is how I fight my battles - by using the weaponry of my mind and the power of my voice.

 1. I am more than what I appear to be, all the worlds strength and power rests inside me. 

 2. I am worthy of magnificent love. 

 3. I am a natural leader, every circumstance aligns to my success and influence. 

 4. I am in control of my thinking, focusing on light and love. 

 5. I am powerful in presence and peaceful in approach. 

 6. I am a child of God, protected and prepared for purpose. 

 7. I am surrendered to life’s processes. 

 8. I am healthy and whole. 

 9. I am able to withstand this storm. 

 10. I am grateful for the life I have.

 11. I am where I need to be, life’s timing is perfect. 

 12. I am going to get through this. 

 13. I am a powerful force of intentional thinking. 

 14. I am stronger than I perceive. 

 15. I am further than where I was yesterday. 

 16. I am accepting the pain that comes with growth. 

 17. I am listening past the noise of my emotion. 

 18. I am able to conquer this fear. 

 19. I am not a product of my manipulators. 

 20. I am filled with peace.

 21. I am letting go of my past. 

 22. I am holding onto the powerful potential of my future. 

 23. I am going to win this battle.  

 24. I am believing in a better tomorrow. 

 25. I am growing into my purpose. 

 26. I am allowed to feel these emotions but I will not allow them to control me.

What helps me really grasp these truths is speaking them in a meditative format. Here’s how I do it. 

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A Guide to Spoken Mantras 

Step 1 - Quiet

Find a quiet space. Beside the fact that you don’t want people side eyeing you whilst you try to find your peace, you need a quiet space for your mind to settle. 

Step 2 - Breath 

In many cultures it is believed that breath is life personified and the act of intentional breathing not only oxygenates your blood but also helps the soul focus. Take in deep breaths for up to 30-60 seconds. Let your heart rate settle. 

Step 3 - Speak

Start with the mantras that come naturally to you, your intuition should kick in and your mind can start the healing process. Visualise every word you speak in order to allow new positive pathways to shape your mental state.


I understand that there are many coping mechanisms that one could adopt. Most importantly if you are facing any mental health issues you should please consult a medical psychologist to help you on your journey. The good ones cost a little more but are worth it (trust me) 

It’s also important to surround yourself with positive people, friends, family and colleagues. Have a safe space to talk to people who love you - verbalizing the internal battles help you face them. 

Lastly, gratitude really put things into perspective for me over my birthday. We forget how far we’ve come or how well we’re doing when distracted by the noise. Here’s to 26 years of self development and 100 more to changing the world one step at a time.


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